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Gas Protest Day March 14

Don’t buy gas on Monday March 14th in protest to the gas prices that have risen over 30 cents in less than a month.

If gas wasn’t pumped on the daily average of American gasoline consumption for just a day, it would cost gas companies nearly 3 billion dollars, and that is a pretty large statement even for a gigantic corporation.

A protest similar to this was done in April 1997 and gas prices dropped 30 cents in a day.  This can certainly be done again regardless of what is going on now in the middle east.

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Power to the consumers!!!

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10 Day Sex Challenge

Day 4 - Random places you’ve had sex

The Ladies restroom, my dorm, on my girls ex-roommates bed, public park, and a movie theater.

I stretched the public park and movie theater a tad.  Those places are only where I got a handjob and fingered my girl.  It’d be easy to have sex in a park at the right time, but the movie theater would be most challenging of all.

I hope to add some more random places as time goes by.  Don’t know why, but doing it outdoors sounds very awesome.


I missed a day, but now I’m all caught up.  :)

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10 Day Sex Challenge

Day 3 - Favorite positions.

Anything where I can look her in the eyes.

The Lotus.  Sex and Relaxation at the same time.  ;)

Cowgirl and every related position.

I’m sure there isn’t a position that I’ve tried that I didn’t like. 

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The Man With No Name #1,

Sweet!  I’ll have to give this a read some day!

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10 Day Sex Challenge

Day 2 - Turn Offs

1.  Bitchiness/Prissiness

2.  Emo/punk/goth/SLC Punk Haircuts

3.  Fighting

4.  Bad Hygiene

Not a very long list.  My wife is very good to me and falls under NONE of these things.  :)

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10 Day Sex Challenge

Uh oh.  My few followers are going to learn maybe TOO much about me.  ;)

That’s alright though.  I’m happily married and have the best wife ever.

Well here it goes.

Day One - Turn Ons

1.  Panties/thongs/Lingerie

2.  Long Hair

3.  Big Tits

4.  Short Skirts

5.  Kinky outfits

6.  Rope

7.  Long periods of making out

8.  Cupping a feel in public with my wife

9.  When my wife gropes ME in public

10.  A woman that is just as into me as I am into her (aka my wife) :)

11.  Swimming Pools/Hot Tubs

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Makes me glad to be a right brained oriented person! :)